‘Qualicoat - one stop quality’

All specifiers who have used powder coating for external architectural finishes will have heard of the Qualicoat quality label. Many specifiers are currently specifying the use of the Qualicoat system for all their projects. For those who are not that familiar with Qualicoat, here are three reasons why specification is on the increase:

When a Powder Coater is awarded the Qualicoat quality label - all the material that he coats meets the Qualicoat standard.
Powder Coaters are inspected by an independent test house at least twice a year - not meeting the high standards laid down by Qualicoat could mean loosing the Qualicoat label.

Not all powder coating plants meet the minimum specification for powder coating equipment laid down by Qualicoat - a plant must meet a minimum standard before initial material inspection begins.

As a result you would expect the finish to be more expensive, so perhaps a fourth reason is that this is not correct - Qualicoat finishes are just as competitive as finishes from non-members.

So why should you specify? By working with a group of specialists, the globally recognised association of Qualicoat UK & Ireland, specifiers and users can be assured of a consistent quality of coating at the forefront of coating technology.

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