‘Qualicoat Meet at EXOVA’

Despite the economic climate in the construction industry Qualicoat UK & Ireland continue to gain strength in numbers. At the July meeting the Council was informed that out of 25 current members, 12 of whom are applicators, there are 6 further applicators working towards membership of the association.

Applicator membership entails several visits from Qualicoat UK & Ireland’s chosen independent testing house, ‘EXOVA’. Successful applicants are only invited to join once the correct standard of equipment has been installed, and that they can demonstrate they can consistently meet the exacting standards of Qualicoat. The latest 12th edition is available as a download from the association‘s website.

The unique feature of the Qualicoat label over other quality systems is that each member must submit to and satisfy, 2 unannounced independent process inspections each year to ensure the standard is being maintained.

During the meeting members were also briefed on the latest work being undertaken by Qualicoat International. In a move to further increase consistency and quality across the membership, Qualicoat UK & Ireland has agreed to establish training seminars for members’ Quality Control personnel. This will ensure that each Qualicoat member operates to the same standardised methods, and will receive technical updates as new developments arise.

Despite the downturn in the construction industry members commented at the meeting that specifications for the ‘Qualicoat’ standard were continuing to increase, a fact that was borne out by the increase in interest in joining the association.

Current news and information on architectural powder coating is frequently updated on the UK website at www.qualicoatuki.org. The European website offers the complete specification which can be found at www.qualicoat.net.  Printed literature and telephone support is available from Qualicoat UK & Ireland’s Head Office in Birmingham on 0121 601 6746.

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