‘Qualicoat Increase Durability and Grow Membership’

Qualicoat have recently updated their guidance note on the correct specification of powder coating to include the more durable powder coat formulations which are becoming more widely available.

As powder coating technology has improved significantly over the past few years, we are now seeing warranties extending up to 30 years being offered on finished architectural metalwork. As life expectancy continues to increase there is a requirement to formulate powders which are more durable and hold their gloss levels and colour stabilisation for extended life expectancy. The new guidance note explains the classes of powder which are now available, all of which have been independently approved by Qualicoat.

During these austere times in the construction industry you would be forgiven for thinking that companies would be cutting corners to attain business and sacrificing quality, but not in powder coating. At Qualicoat UK & Ireland, membership continues to increase with two new licences being awarded to Kingspan Limited of Malton, North Yorkshire and RW Powder Coatings of Co Down, Ireland. These companies have both undertaken independent inspection based of the quality standards laid down by Qualicoat, a process that can take a number of months to complete.

Once in membership, all applicator members are randomly inspected at least twice a year to ensure quality and consistency is maintained. Suppliers of pretreatment processes and powders are also members of qualicoat and undertake similar inspections, thereby offering a vertically integrated quality control over the final finish.

The recent introduction of more durable powders for powder coating architectural profiles is taking finishing to new levels of life expectancy. Powder coated aluminium is rapidly becoming one of the most reliable finishes for the external envelope of our new and refurbished buildings in the UK. Some of the latest products available in windows and composite products are beginning to use powder coated aluminium as the outer skin of material - even PVC windows are beginning to get this treatment.

The revised Guidance Note 02, can be downloaded from the Qualicoat UK and Ireland website along with three further guidance notes covering cleaning and maintenance, powder coating in coastal regions and advice on powder coat repair.

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