PuraVida - and an entirely new design

The renowned design studio Phoenix Design has collaborated with Hansgrohe to develop an entirely new, lively and flowing design language culminating in the innovative PuraVida range of mixers and showers. The subtle emotionality, soft naturalness and clarity of PuraVida turn the bathroom into a living area that can be enjoyed with every one of the senses: “Bathrooms are increasingly regarded as living areas and individual design ideas will continue to assert themselves”, explains Tom Schönherr, co-Managing Partner with Andreas Haug of the award-winning design studio Phoenix Design, which has been enjoying successful collaboration with Hansgrohe for more than 20 years. “More form, more emotion – PuraVida introduces comfort and calm for the senses to the world of bathing. The goal was to design something we can experience and understand with our senses: poetic design full of feeling and joie de vivre.” Apart from the comprehensive range of mixers and showers for Hansgrohe, Phoenix Design has also developed a new range of ceramic and bathroom furnishings for Duravit with the aim of consistently integrating the bathroom as a living area. As a result of co-operation by Hansgrohe, Duravit and Phoenix Design, PuraVida now represents a perfectly co-ordinated and exclusive range of bathroom interior based on consistent design principles. “A wonderful challenge for achieving a perfect symbiosis of form and space”, is how Tom Schönherr describes the range.

A new kind of luxury

With a combination of white lacquered surfaces and shiny chrome, the PuraVida range of mixers and showers introduces the new dual-finish principle to the bathroom, whose elegance and clarity reflect true and subtle luxury. Organically-shaped undersides in clear white interplay with generously-proportioned and shining chrome areas. Thanks to a new manufacturing technique, these two surfaces merge seamlessly, representing a sign of high-quality perfection – and not only as regards the PuraVida basin mixer fashioned as a single piece. The colour white is consciously used for the whole PuraVida range as an image conveying purity, lightness and beauty. Furthermore, white also stands for independence, honesty and courage when it comes to well-rounded designs, because white does not display any imperfections, demanding formal perfection instead.

Accordingly, with its slender, white lacquered carcass, the mixer seems to grow out of the white ceramic merging to become a new and independent product. This creates an impression of floating lightness. The new, lively, free interaction with shapes, supported by the cleverness of the lines, is seen in an interplay with the contrast between surfaces and flowing volumes, between softness and precision. There are no aggressive corners or sharp edges. Instead, pleasantly round, soothing shapes radiate comfort and safety, and invite the observer to touch them. The spray former disappears in the underside of the spout, giving the impression that the water appears to come from nowhere, flowing into the basin as a calm and clear laminar jet simply picking up on the overall pure appearance. The jet angle can easily be adapted by just moving it with the finger to the respective basin shape.

More form, more emotion and more innovation!

Harmonious bathroom design through to the shower and bathtub area is assured by the Hansgrohe PuraVida range thanks to the availability of numerous mixer models for both surface-mounted and concealed installation: from thermostats through to 3-hole mixers to projecting, base-mounted mixers for the bathtub. Matching PuraVida accessories and a no less comprehensive shower range offering hand showers, overhead and side showers as well as a new and slim bar-shaped hand-held shower element complete the Hansgrohe PuraVida range.

Characterised by the same design philosophy of emotional and sensual contours, dual-finish principles and integrative design, PuraVida showers are convincing thanks to their unusual shapes. Gently-rounded edges, quality flatness and the combination of bright white and shiny chrome create exciting contrasts and sensual lightness, while the generously-proportioned PuraVida overhead shower provides the ultimate in showering pleasure. Its shower head is produced by merging two high-quality zinc die-cast halves. It appeals for its unusual flat rectangular shape which, with a width of 400 millimetres, perfectly follows the silhouette of the bather. Despite its size, it comes across as light and restrained, thanks to the precision of the subtle chrome edges and white shower disc. With its flowing shapes and white material, the generously-dimensioned PuraVida overhead shower positively seems to float. The broad, flat shower arm embodies both stability and lasting value.

The innovative shower technology applied in the PuraVida hand shower is concealed between the two outer discs. Designed as a square with harmoniously rounded corners, the 150 mm shower head flows smoothly into the flat, gently-rounded handle. The new EasyClick push-button converter integrated in the hand shower silhouette facilitates intuitive selection of the three different spray types via a simple click feature. Thanks to Hansgrohe AirPower technology which injects the water with air, a soft rain spray and a vitalising mixed spray ensure pure showering pleasure. For the very first time, the Hansgrohe PuraVida hand shower also enables bathers to enjoy a slow yet powerfully caressing massage spray generating finger-like and intensive massaging movements on the skin thanks to five whirl jets.

As the technology is integrated in the design, this enables the product to depart from classically rounded shapes. Accordingly, the PuraVida hand shower appears to form a single solid unit representing an emotional and “tangible” design in every sense of the word. These features also convinced the iF Design Award jury who presented awards for the hand shower and overhead shower as well as the Hansgrohe PuraVida basin mixer.

Digital showering pleasure

Picking up on the clear design language of the PuraVida range of mixers and showers, the new Hansgrohe RainBrain electronic shower control feature also received one of the famous iF design prizes in 2009. Thanks to an innovative coloured touch-screen, it offers digital operating comfort in the shower as well as representing an ideal supplement to the PuraVida shower family and high-end shower systems. Exclusive comfort showering functions can be easily activated manually: the switch on/off shower function, selecting various showering functions, contrast showers, water cascades or controlling the light sources integrated in the shower, for example. What’s more, a warm-up function ensures pleasant water temperatures right from the start.

Thanks to clear and large-sized pictogrammes, operation is intuitive and practically child’s play. Furthermore, all of the functions can be individually set up and saved for up to five people. As an optional extra, main functions such as water temperature and start/stop can also be set at the rotary knob which is pleasant to the touch. Musical entertainment is provided via Bluetooth from an MP3-player or iPod directly transmitted to the Hansgrohe RainBrain shower controls. The smooth, white mineral glass touch surface has a chrome-coloured frame giving it a light and elegant appearance, thereby enabling the independent and clean design to reflect the shower control concept: high-tech and complex features translate into a digital lifestyle which is easy and convenient to avail of.

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