Protecting the Building Envelope

‘Protecting the Building Envelope’ is the title of a new publication considered essential reading for all disciplines within the construction industry.

This new A4 publication has over 140 pages of construction solutions accompanied with guidance notes to aid Architects, Surveyors, Builders and Contractors.

Alongside every construction solution is a data panel listing application parameters, permitting the reader to identify suitability and compatibility for any type of project.

‘Protecting the Building Envelope’ challenges some existing construction details but importantly explains why and highlights solutions.

Where a recommended detail or British Standard / Euro code is queried, the manual offers functional remedies.

Several pages appear as ‘Insight’ entries either offering design observations or examining background history.

‘Protecting the Building Envelope’ is illustrated in colour and is published by Cavity Trays Ltd - the only tray manufacturer awarded European Technical Approval.

A performance warranty undertaking accompanies products from Cavity Trays Ltd for the benefit of Architect Builder and Client.

‘Protecting the Building Envelope’ is available without charge to industry professionals upon request. Visitors to The Building Centre, Store Street London may obtain a copy form the literature distribution service.

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