Protect Time & Cost Savings

Savings of up to 15% in overall roofing membrane installation costs are achievable with Glidevale’s Protect A1 high performance alternative to traditional 1F felt.

In comparison tests commissioned by Glidevale, Britain’s leading supplier of roofing ventilation products to the construction industry, between Protect A1 impermeable roofing underlay and 1F felt: Protect A1, in a 1.5m roll width, was shown to produce labour and associated cost savings of 15%. Fixing time trials carried out by an independent testing by an independent roofing contractor further found less cutting, less laps, less ladder climbing and ease of cutting around roof obstructions combined to give a saving of 8.5% on fixing time alone.

The savings result in part from Protect A1’s roll size yielding extended coverage over bitumen underlay: on a typical roof, 1 roll of Protect A1 would attain the same coverage as 3 rolls of 1F felt. The savings are enhanced by the reduced overlapping, and ease of handling on the roof: a 45m2 roll of Protect A1 weighs just 2.5kg yet it offers excellent strength and nail tear resistance. Transport and storage costs are reduced too, as less material is needed to cover the same area: a single pallet of Protect A1 will cover 2250m2 of roof, against 450m2 for a pallet of 1F felt.

Protect A1 will absorb any condensation that is not removed by the roofspace ventilation, and releases it when temperature conditions improve, helping maintain a dry roof. An embossed underside prevents condensate run-off or drips.

Glidevale’s Protect A1 is UV resistant and completely waterproof, yet will readily accept a chalkline. Its polypropylene construction gives excellent nail tear resistance and tensile strength even in windy conditions, to the extent it is BRE certified for unrestricted use with regard to wind uplift for all exposure conditions in the UK and Ireland, yet the membrane is 100% recyclable. Glidevale has extended the range of Protect A1 roll options to optimise convenience for the roofer, with the material now available in 1m x 15m, 1m x 45m and 1.5m x 30m rolls.

Protect A1 is part of the comprehensive Protect membrane range of roofing underlays, vapour permeable and impermeable membranes from Glidevale. The company- part of the Building Product Design Group- additionally supplies roofing and roof ventilation products aimed at providing innovative yet practical solutions to changing market requirements.

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