Innovative materials technology is enabling Thomas Mitchell Timber Frame to be sure its homes will ‘perform’ even at the ends of the earth…

The company, one of Scotland’s leading suppliers of timber frame kits, is now utilising Glidevale Protect membranes to help form the walls and roofs of all its homes- including those shipped to fulfil orders to sites as diverse in their climatic conditions as Cyprus and the Falkland Islands.

Each Thomas Mitchell home incorporates Glidevale Protect TF200 Thermo insulating wall membrane and either Protect VP400 vapour permeable roofing membrane or Protect Wunderlay impermeable roofing underlay with Glidevale roof ventilators. The combination ensures the structure of each property is as thermally efficient as possible- achieving up to 0.25W/m2K U value- whilst allowing moisture within to escape (activity such as washing and bathing generates up to eight gallons of water vapour per day in the average home), and so provide a comfortable, dry home regardless of its location.

Willie Morton, Thomas Mitchell Timber Frame production director, elaborates, “We have an established reputation for combining exceptional quality with value for money, and take that approach through all aspects of the business- hence our move to Glidevale membranes and associated products.

“The Glidevale products give quality and innovation and are proven to deliver what they promise. Further they are one of the few brands to carry unrestricted use for wind uplift. We can rest assured using them, regardless of the property location, be it in Scotland, throughout the UK, or even as far afield as the Falkland Islands, to where we have just shipped six complete homes with more to follow!”

Protect TF200 Thermo, Protect Wunderlay and Protect VP400 are just part of Glidevale’s range of Protect roofing underlays and structural building membranes, which are complimented by an extensive range of roofing ventilation solutions. Glidevale is part of the Building Product Design Group, which includes Passivent (natural ventilation for domestic and commercial applications), Z-Led damp-proofing, gas control and cavity closers, and Kingfisher ventilation and solar control louvre systems. All in the Group specialise in developing innovative yet practical products in line with changing requirements.

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