Protect-ing roofs and floors

New, high performance membranes to protect roofs and floors are being launched by Glidevale Ltd: Protect A1 T3 roofing underlay and Protect A1 T3 floor protection membrane.

Protect A1 T3 floor protection membrane is a heavy duty covering designed to provide surface protection to the floor during building work, from wet trades and foot traffic, whether new build or refurbishment. A heavy duty reinforcing grid on the upper surface offers maximum damage resistance in heavily trafficked areas, whilst its non-slip lower surface helps prevent creep, holding the membrane in. Completely waterproof and UV and heat stable, Protect A1 T3 floor protection membrane can be left exposed for up to three months. After use, the membrane is easily removed by trimming round the edge with a sharp knife and lifting, revealing the pristine floor finish below; discarded Protect A1 T3 is 100% recyclable. For on-site practicality, Glidevale is supplying Protect A1 T3 floor protection membrane in both 1.5m x 50m and 3m x 50m rolls, which significantly reduce the amount of time needed for taping joints against alternative methods.

Protect A1 T3 impermeable roofing underlay offers a high performance alternative to traditional 1F felt. Its 4ply construction with heavy duty non-slip reinforcing grid on the upper surface provides maximum damage resistance when on the roof. To further optimize ease of use, the membrane is supplied in 1.5m x 30m (45m2) rolls, each weighing only 8kg. UV, heat stable, and completely waterproof, Protect A1 T3 can be used as a temporary roof covering for up to three months before the tiles or slates are laid. Once the roof is complete, Protect A1 T3 does not generate noise under wind gusting, and has unrestricted use for wind uplift. Further, its absorbent undersurface prevents condensate drip-off, helping reduce the risk of damp issues in the roof, assuming appropriate high and low level roofspace ventilation is provided.

The new options complement the established, proven Protect brand of building membranes, which covers applications for roofs, walls and floors, including reflective technology and the BuildTight™ airtightness range bringing air leakage to ‘best practice’ levels of 3m3/hr/m2 or better. The BuildTight package further includes Protect BarriAir airtightness membrane and Protect VC Foil low emissivity vapour control layer, plus accessories to help fix the membranes in place along spans,effectively seal membrane joints, and provide strategies to achieve ‘well sealed’ ceilings, further enhancing airtightness.

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