Protect-Ing Airtightness

An innovative membrane claimed to be unique within the building industry by maximizing airtightness integrity at difficult intermediate floor junctions has been launched by Glidevale Ltd.

Glidevale Protect FCM750 is a high performance vapour permeable membrane which provides waterproof, airtight protection to exposed floor cassette edges. Protect FCM750 offers a simple, practical solution to maintain the air barrier line, whilst its vapour permeability reduces the risk of interstitial condensation.

Supplied in manageable 750mm x 50m (37.5m2)  and x 50m (50m2) rolls weighing 180g/m2, Protect FCM750 is easy to install, requiring no special tools, and is fully compatible with the Protect sealing tape range.

Nick Beswick, Glidevale Sales Director, elaborates, “With the new Approved Document L coming into force imminently, specifiers and builders need every tool possible to ensure compliance without a dramatic impact on their costs for either materials or labour.
Protect FCM750 gives them that tool.”

Protect FCM750 is marketed as part of Glidevale’s new BuildTight range, which covers internal membranes for roofs, walls and floors, designed to optimize heat retention within, bringing air leakage to ‘best practice’ levels of 3m3/hr/m2 or below. The package further includes accessories to help fix the membranes in place along spans and effectively seal membrane joints, and strategies to achieve ‘well sealed’ ceilings, further enhancing airtightness.

BuildTight itself complements the comprehensive Protect range of high performance impermeable and vapour permeable roofing underlays, breather membranes for timber frame construction, cladding membranes, air barriers and vapour control layers, including the latest in reflective technology. The company- part of the Building Product Design Group- additionally supplies roofing and roof ventilation products aimed at providing innovative yet practical solutions to changing market requirements.

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