Promat VERMICULUX® Specified for Prestigious Dublin Hotel Development

More than 5,000 square metres of Promat VERMICULUX® has been specified for a luxury hotel development in Dublin.

Located on the south Liffey quays in the centre of Dublin, The Gallery Hotel was built with a structural steel frame, which required 90 minutes fire protection in order to maintain the building’s structural stability in the event of a fire. Michael Curran Passive Fire Protection Ltd, the specialist sub-contractor, asked Promat to recommend the optimum system to provide the required fire protection. Promat recommended a 20mm thick Promat VERMICULUX® system, a lightweight non-combustible board specially designed to provide fire protection to structural steelwork.

Another requirement of the system was the ability to withstand the elements for a number of months before the hotel’s cladding system was installed, by main contractor Pierse Contracting Ltd. Promat VERMICULUX® is resistant to moisture, will not disintegrate, warp or swell and can be installed at any time during the building programme. This allowed the contractors to install Promat VERMICULUX® with confidence, without its effectiveness being compromised.

Promat VERMICULUX® is a low density calcium silicate board containing vermiculite and can provide up to 240 minutes fire resistance depending on the thickness of the board used and the dimensions of the beam or column requiring protection. It also provides fire protection when concrete structures are being upgraded.

Business Manager for Ireland, Peter Keenan comments:

“We were asked to advise the contractors on the best fire protection solution for the project. Taking into consideration the design of the building and the project timescale, Promat VERMICULUX® provided an ideal solution. Not only does it reach the desired level of fire protection but it could be installed before the external walls were erected without losing its high performance qualities.”

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