Promat Specified for Swindon Homebase Redevelopment

Promat, the UK’s leading supplier of passive fire protection solutions, has supplied their market-leading Promat SUPALUX® and PROMATECT®-250 to a refurbishment project in Swindon. Promat’s fire protection products were specified for the recent redevelopment of an 80,000sq ft Homebase DIY store, where a new compartment has been built under the existing roof to make space for a department store.

One of the main considerations for the architects, Portess and Richardson, and contractors, Dean & Dyball, was that the building’s insurers insisted on a minimum two hours fire resistance for the partition and roof lining. Promat was chosen to supply the fire protection system because it provided an ideal solution. Promat SUPALUX® was specified to give 120 minutes fire protection to the roof, and Promat PROMATECT®-250 was used to protect the steel truss. In the event of a fire the combination of Promat’s solutions would maintain the structural integrity of the entire building.

Robert Smith, from Portess and Richardson, says: “The complicated lattice steel roof structure meant it would easily bend in the event of a fire. To make sure the building maintained its structure, the steel framework needed to be boxed in to insulate it from the heat of a fire. Promat helped keep an eye on the work as it progressed. Promat’s support team was very pro-active, made site visits, provided back-up sketches and suggested specialist sub contractors.”

Promat SUPALUX® is the industry-leading brand in high performance fire protection board. It can provide up to four hours fire protection and has proven its credentials in countless applications. Promat PROMATECT®-250 provides a high degree of strength, dimensional stability and fire performance to structural steelwork, making it ideal to protect the trusses of the retail unit.

The work at the stores was carried out in phases as Homebase stayed open to the public. Promat worked closely with the architect and contractors on a regular basis to ensure the safety of the building, contractors and any visitors.

Promat offers a wide range of high performance fire protection products and systems for the construction industry. Applications include partitions and barriers, ceilings, structural steel protection and ducting.

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