Promat DURASTEEL® barriers bring benefits to transformer blast protection

Promat UK has revealed that its Promat DURASTEEL® barrier systems are proving increasingly popular for applications where they provide protection against the devastating effects of power transformer explosions. The Promat DURASTEEL® barrier systems are the result of 75 years experience in delivering fire and blast protection, and offer both cost and space savings when used on transformer applications. They are particularly effective when installed between transformers located adjacent to each other in the traditional manner, as they help isolate the blast and potential damage by preventing it from spreading via a domino effect.

The power distribution transformers which are often located adjacent to commercial and industrial buildings can contain large quantities of oil and carry high voltages. As a result, insurers and corporate risk managers often consider them to be one of the most critical electrical components in a building and this is driving the demand for increasingly effective fire and blast protection. The relatively light weight of the Promat DURASTEEL® barriers allows simpler and smaller foundations to be used when compared to traditional poured concrete or concrete block barriers and this can generate significant cost savings. This is a particular benefit for retrofit transformer applications where space may be limited and existing underground service foundations cannot be disturbed. The Promat DURASTEEL® barriers can also be demounted and reinstalled which greatly simplifies the task of transformer replacement.