Product Performance Helps Bilco Land Floor Door Contract with Research Council

A first class job completed ten years ago has helped leading access doors and vents manufacturer Bilco win a contract for a new job at state-of-the-art laboratories in Cheshire.

Bilco has recently provided the Central Laboratory of the Research Council’s (CCLRC) Daresbury Laboratory with two Type JD-AL double leaf drainage doors.

The CCLRC was pleased with the durability and strength of an access door it bought from Bilco a decade ago that it turned to the Suffolk-based company again to supply these two new access doors.

One floor door is on the first floor while the other is directly above it on the second floor. They allow staff at the laboratory to winch equipment between floors easily, quickly and safely.

Ideal for most corrosive environments, the covers are constructed of 6.35mm aluminium diamond pattern plate and reinforced to accept a 1464 kg/m2 live load. They feature anti-corrosion hardware, standard debris gasket and a versatile anchoring system for ease of installation. Each floor door is covered by a 25 year warranty.

One unit has a clear opening of 1970mm x 2100mm while the second is slightly smaller with a 2100mm x 1890mm opening.

The CCLRC works with other research councils to set future priorities that meet UK science needs. As well as the Daresbury site, the council also operates two other research laboratories in the UK.

Bilco’s UK Sales & Marketing Manager Simon Shand-Brown said: “Ten years ago Bilco installed an access door in a 60ft tower at the Daresbury site. Although the tower is no longer in full use, the floor door still works perfectly well and this has led to the CCLRC coming back to us when it identified the need for these two floor doors.”

“The one characteristic that distinguishes a Bilco floor door is the way it operates. Each door is engineered to provide smooth, easy and controlled operation by one person and meets the requirements of the Manual Handling Regulations. Features that come as standard include a positive hold open arm that engages automatically when the door leaf is fully open, heavy duty hinges and a stainless steel slam lock.”

Bilco manufactures a range of pit and floor doors. Models include drainage doors, non-drainage doors, doors designed to receive flooring materials, doors for interior building applications, Fire Rated floor doors and a series of special application doors.

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