From 1st October 2008, the rights allowing householders to pave their front gardens without planning permission have changed.

It is no longer permissible to lay traditional impermeable driveways without planning permission as the uncontrolled run-off of rainwater from such areas can contribute to flooding and the pollution of watercourses.

However, if the driveway is to be constructed using permeable or porous surfaces, these rules do not apply.

The A. Proctor Group have a range of Porous Pavement Systems. ProctorPave can address this issue and is available in either a Grass or Gravel fi nished surface.

ProctorPave Gravel is a porous paving system which allows you to park, drive and walk on a decorative gravel surface. Its’ high load bearing structure allows unlimited traffic volume and parking duration. When used with a porous sub-base, the system is capable of providing a 35% void space for storage volume of rainfall during rain events.

ProctorPave Gravel has a flexible grid system which enables it to be quickly and easily installed over uneven terrain and is only 25mm thick, so requires less gravel than other systems.

ProctorPave Grass combines high loadbearing strength with the capability of protecting vegetation roots from deadly compaction. It facilitates 100% grass coverage, providing a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing finish.

ProctorPave Grass also protects the environment by allowing slow stormwater movement through its surface.

ProctorPave Gravel and Grass are also suitable for use for Overfl ow Carparking, Event Parking, Service and Loading Bays and Infi ltration Basins.

ProctorPave is part of a wide range of Geoengineering systems available from the A. Proctor Group which protect against damp, CO2, methane and Hydrocarbons. Further information can be downloaded from

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