Prestigious projects get the TERRAXX treatment

Highlighting the adaptability of Delta-TERRAXX in horizontal structural drainage applications, a new brochure has been published by Delta Membrane Systems.

Entitled ‘Delta-TERRAXX – The problem solver’, this brochure highlights several prestigious projects across Europe that have made use of the versatility and reliability of the TERRAXX product.

Featuring a dimpled sheet with a fused-on geotextile to form a highly effective drainage layer, Delta-TERRAXX is capable of withstanding extreme compression loads – up to 400kN/m2 – and can be installed at depths of up to 10m.

Facing up, the geotextile acts as a filter protecting the air gap created by the dimpled sheet underneath.

Under a covering of gravel, chippings or soil, the heat-bonded permanent filtration geotextile keeps the dimple structure from being clogged up by sludge, ensuring that any excess water is drained away completely.

Delta-TERRAXX comes in 12.5m lengths, and a generous width of 2.4m which reduces the number of lap joints required. The integrated self-sealing edge makes the dimpled sheet easy to install, and helps prevent root penetration, while the smooth backing ensures that any impinging loads are distributed evenly across the waterproofing surface.

The added benefit of this material is that it allows workers to walk on any compression-resistant waterproofing layers during the construction phase, while at the same time protecting the waterproofing from mechanical damage and harmful exposure to heat.

Among the projects highlighted in the brochure are the refurbishment of a flat roof to a sports hall, a ‘green roof’ for an education centre, and an underground car park that had a roof forming part of the overall landscape at ground level. Other projects are also featured in the 16 page brochure.

In each of these projects, Delta-TERRAXX has provided the ideal solution to a range of issues faced in the design.

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