Tensar International Corporation’s innovative TriAx™ geogrid, and the technical developments it represents, has won one of civil engineering’s most prestigious awards, from the International Geosynthetics Society.

Tim Oliver, Tensar International Vice President Marketing, explains: “The IGS Award is all the more significant because it is presented for achievement in the period since 2005, not just the best in one year. Entry is by invitation following nominations from the industry, so Tensar’s TriAx™ has obviously already made a genuine impression on an international stage.

“Judged against submissions from a very wide field of categories, from construction methods to products and testing equipment, TriAx™ stands out as a significant advance.”

The TriAx™ citation for the IGS 2010 Award, presented at the IGS 9th International Conference in Brazil in May, stated: ‘ This IGS award is given to Tensar for the development and implementation of a triangular geogrid intended to display properties not achievable with conventional square or rectangular geogrids. The triangular geogrid has the capacity to develop more isotropic stiffness and this is expected to provide potential benefits across many applications.’

Robert Vevoda, Tensar International President and Managing Director, added: “This prestigious award underlines the effort and investment we have made to demonstrate TriAx™’s in-ground stabilization performance. Our research and development programs in the USA UK and elsewhere are already building on the significant leap forward we have made.”

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