Premier Kitchen – condensing boilers of the future

It is possible that Trianco’s EuroStar Premier Kitchen high-efficiency oil-fired condensing range may be seen as ahead of its time now that the government has given replacement oil boilers until 2007 to conform to Part L. However, this SEDBUK A-rated range can start to save customers money and reduce climate-changing pollutant emissions right away. And with the Government recommending condensing boilers in recent efforts to improve domestic energy consumption, the Premier Kitchen is an ideal choice when it comes to oil-fired boilers for the kitchen.

Versatile, the Premier Kitchen is available in standard and system versions. The standard Kitchen is range-rated from 14.6 to 26.3kW (50,000 to 90,000 Btu/h) and the system version is rated from 29.3 to 36.6kW (100,000 to 125,000 Btu/h), with over 90% efficiency which gives them an enviable A rating in the SEDBUK tables. With overall heights of 855mm and 900mm and depths of 600mm and 675mm respectively, these floor-standing boilers are easily installed under worktops within fitted kitchen cabinets. Servicing is carried out from the front, while quiet running is among the notable features of these units. The system model comes complete with circulating pump, safety valve, automatic air vent, pressure gauge and expansion vessel.

The Premier Kitchen’s dramatic performance is achieved by a secondary heat exchanger, which cools gas emissions to a point that latent heat, usually lost through the flue, is introduced back into the system to enhance economic performance while reducing both CO2 and NOx emissions, creating a highly economical heating solution.

It is a common misconception that condensing boilers are expensive to install and complicated to service but, as with all Trianco boilers, the Premier Kitchen is built with the most up-to-date technological resources to ensure that these objections are overcome. Utterly dependable, the boiler has two-year manufacturer guarantees as well as five years on heat exchangers. The system boiler is supplied pre-plumbed, as well as a removable front panel, help to overcome concerns about installation, maintenance and servicing, all of which are quick and easy with this model. Round 600mm and 1000mm balanced flue kits allow for all wall thicknesses.

With this boiler able to save customers up to 20% annually on their heating and hot water bills as against standard-efficiency alternatives, and up to 30% against boilers installed over ten years ago, the condensing Premier Kitchen has all the advantages of a conventional boiler, but with the added benefit of recouping the extra purchase cost in as little as two years.

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