Precision engineered doors for a precision installation

When you are looking to buy a garage door, you are not just looking for a product that performs well and will last for years and years; you want it to be a quick, easy and accurate process to fit into your garage door opening.

Garador is the UK’s leading manufacturer of garage doors, with one of the most advanced production facilities in Western Europe.  They’ve been manufacturing garage doors here in the UK since 1948 when they were part of Westland Engineers Limited, which used to manufacture helicopters. Since then they have gone from strength to strength and now offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of garage doors on the market.

Each garage door is produced on a heavily automated production line, reducing costs and inefficiencies and ultimately reducing the problems caused by human error in the build process. Because the doors are design to be manufactured on a semi-automated production line they are precision engineered and quick to fit.

With a huge selection of standard and purpose made door sizes on Up & Over garage doors, you can find a Garador that will perfectly fit your garage door opening. For example, a correctly specified single retractable Up & Over garage door (up to 3049mm wide), will have fitting tolerances of up to 18mm either side of the door. So there is the absolute minimum PVC plastic cladding to fill in any unsightly gaps either side of the garage door.

Furthermore, a Garador sectional garage door is engineered to offer a precise installation, but for instances where there may be a small portion of the frame leg either side of the door showing they also have the option of cover profiles supplied in a finish that will match that of the actual door panel. So you get a complete garage door with one harmonious appearance for the door panels and frame in the same colour and surface texture. The mantra of a precision installation is continued where the engineering team has designed Garador’s sectional garage doors so you can show a maximum of 50mm of the frame leg when fitting the door behind the opening.

The Garador GaraRoll roller door is also engineered for a precision installation, with door sizes up to 5000mm wide on smooth and timber effect finishes. In addition, you can also fit the roller box hood cover externally, on the outside of the building if there is not enough space inside.

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