Precast lightweight stairs that can be tailored to most architectural designs

Lightweight precast stairs are another level in Aggregate Industries precast construction solutions and can be tailored to almost any architectural design. The lightweight precast stairs are manufactured with Lytag and have the following benefits:-

  • Cost saving - less concrete & steel required in the overall structure.
  • Cost saving - reduces the crane size required to lift the units.
  • Structure - same performance as natural aggregate concrete.
  • Structure - PCC stairs & landings are 20% lighter than standard units with no loss in strength. 
  • Sustainability - Lytag is a product which is made from power station fly ash which would otherwise become landfill.  
  • Sustainability - It is lighter than natural aggregate therefore less truck journeys are required to transport the product.

Aggregate Industries lightweight precast stairs are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. The offsite manufactured precast structures are designed to exact requirements to ensure a bespoke product that is quick, safe and cost effective to install.

All lightweight precast stairs and landings are manufactured to a high quality and meet all requirements of BS8110. 

  • Width, riser and tread dimensions to suit
  • Stepped landings
  • Balustrade fixings
  • Allowance Non slip treads
  • Width, tread and riser dimensions to suit
  • Excellent fire resistant properties
  • Factory manufactured to improve consistency, accuracy and quality
  • Bespoke details to include handrail fixings, progressive collapse, differing bearing details and recesses for post fixing all possible.

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