Pre-coated Aluminium vs. Steel

Light weight

The weight of aluminium in comparison to steel is a great advantage. Aluminium is two-thirds lighter than steel, which results in easier handling, cheaper transport and lighter building constructions in general.

Aluminium is 100% recyclable

The true environmental strength of aluminium lies in its life cycle. Aluminium is 100% recyclable. Over 85% of aluminium in transportation and construction is recycled. Recycling is done at only 5% of the energy cost of primary aluminium production, without any loss of performance. This makes aluminium a real “energy bank”.

Corrosion resistance

Aluminium is naturally more corrosion resistant. The resistance of coatings to corrosion are on aluminium much better than on steel. This ensures a high quality facade which lasts for decades. Cleaning, pretreatment and paint application are optimal in coil coating facility environments, leading to an unquestionable advantage.

Processing of aluminium

The great workability of aluminium makes it perfect for mechanical processing. Within the same thickness, aluminium is more flexible in comparison to steel. Slitting, roll-forming, bending, cutting, etc. can be done with lighter equipment, thus demanding less energy.

Versatility in cladding panels

The greatest buildings are a combination of form and finish. The versatility in cladding panels is much greater for aluminium. A large variety of single skin panels is complemented by a large range of high-end composite and honeycomb panels, available in pre-coated aluminium only.

Extensive range of coatings

Pre-coated aluminium offers an enormous range of colours for modern architecture. These are complemented by innovative finishes like the Euramax AluNatur, EuraDecor, EuraBuild and EuraMica coating systems, available as from 500m¹....

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