Powerwall goes for global growth

Powerwall, a leading specialist in modular building systems and high performance building materials has announced ambitious international expansion plans.

The Wishaw-based company has successfully signed up five partners in the UK and Middle East* who will be using Powerwall’s patented Volumetric modular building system under exclusive licences and there is considerable interest from Europe, North America and China.

International business development is being spearheaded by Joe Pacitti, Powerwall’s Volumetric Global Sales Director who was brought in to head up the licensee division 10 months ago.   He commented: “We are seeing significant interest in our building technology from across the world.  We have spent a considerable amount of time visiting developers, property and construction companies across Europe, the Middle East and North America developing contacts and creating partnerships.  This has resulted in five partners already being signed up as licensees and many more in the pipeline.  These partners buy the right to use our patented technology and they are already employing our methods on a number of prestigious projects including schools and housing projects.”

He added: “Our system offers a way of building which is quicker (up to 50% faster) and more cost-effective than traditional building methods yet exceeds all the current energy efficiency and environmental building standards and delivers exceptional build and design quality.  The method can be used for new build, extension or refurbishment and is suitable for almost any type of building from domestic housing and schools to hotels and leisure facilities.”

About the Volumetric Building System:

Powerwall's unique Volumetric modular building system offers developers, builders and architects a number of advantages over conventional building methods including:

· The ability to build structures up to 22 storeys high. The specially designed tubular steel frame and unique patented connector system offers structural integrity which far exceeds conventional modular building systems.
·Speed. Modules are constructed at Powerwall’s 10-acre state-of-the-art factory complex for quick and easy assembly on site offering time savings over conventional building systems. With most studies indicating real-time savings of 50 to 60%
· An almost infinite range of exterior finishes and renders can be applied to the buildings and there is enormous scope to design the building interiors to an end customer's specific requirements.
·Massively reduced site time and building costs.
· Modules are constructed in factory conditions giving complete control over quality and finish therefore is totally independent of external weather conditions.
· Air tightness is 78% more efficient lowering energy consumption costs.
·Superior sound insulation exceeds current industry requirements – floors by 32% and exterior walls by 18%.
· Environmentally sustainable: the Powerwall building system uses up to 67% less energy than a traditionally built project.

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