Potterton Commercial launches new Condensing Oil Boiler

Potterton Commercial, part of Baxi Commercial Division, introduces the new LogoCondense with CarboCondense, a high output steel pressure jet boiler with a patented carbon heat exchanger that can safely and efficiently condense and even clean the boiler’s flue gases. There is currently no other oil-fired boiler on the market with the carbon heat exchanger vital for this type of boiler to operate in condensing mode, making this an exciting and important development in the oil heating sector.

The LogoCondense is a high performance one-piece, steel shell, forced draught, high efficiency boiler range with compact dimensions for easy installation.  Outstanding performance is achieved using advanced three pass combustion chamber technology, coupled with a state-of-the-art flue gas heat recovery heat exchanger.  The LogoCondense solution combines a low temperature boiler with an external condensing heat exchanger, the CarboCondense, that can be used with both gaseous and liquid fuel burners.  The external condensing heat exchanger increases the efficiency, compared to the low temperature boiler without CarboCondense, by 14% with gas firing and 8.5% with oil. 

Available in two models - 98kW and 131kW - LogoCondense with CarboCondense is the perfect solution not only for new build but, most importantly, as part of a low carbon replacement heating system that could be integrated with other LZC (Low to Zero Carbon) technologies in an existing building which is being upgraded, especially where there is no mains gas.

Further efficiencies can be achieved in a great many Potterton Commercial cast iron sectional installations as compatible boilers can be retrofitted with the new CarboCondense heat exchanger!

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