Baxi Group company Potterton Commercial has supplied a Paramount two condensing boiler which has been installed in St. Coman's Church of Ireland in Roscommon town to provide effective space heating for the first time in its 300 year history! The congregation numbers some 40 to 50 parishioners who attend to hear services by a visiting Rector on alternate Sundays. Prior to the installation of the new heating system, they were at the mercy of the ambient temperature which could make services conducted during the colder months particularly uncomfortable.

Serving 22 Low Surface Temperature radiators, the Potterton Paramount two 80kW boiler is located in a cupboard adjacent to the communion table. Installers Doolin Plumbing and Heating commented, “We selected this boiler because we have experience of using it previously in other, similar installations and we have been extremely pleased with it on every occasion. The Parish Council and parishioners at St. Coman’s are delighted with their new heating system as previous solutions have failed to provide a comfortable environment during service. Of course, running costs are a significant consideration and the Paramount range’s highly efficient, condensing technology ensures that these are kept to a minimum.”

The Paramount two range of wall-hung condensing boilers feature state-of-the-art heating technology with a combustion system which delivers energy efficiency levels up to 109% net as well as ultra low NOx which exceeds Class 5. These boilers have pre-mix, fully modulating control for complete heating flexibility and the aluminium/silicon alloy heat exchanger carries a lifetime guarantee. A user-friendly control panel with full text display of operational status avoids the inconvenience of checking codes or lights. Other features include inbuilt weather compensation, summer/winter changeover and time control facilities. The advanced, ISR control system may be used with a simple room thermostat or, using volt-free contacts, with a fully integrated Building Energy Management System.

Part of the Anglican and Episcopalian Communion, St. Coman’s Church is reputedly built on the site of the 7th century St. Coman's Abbey, which pre-dated the 12th century Abbey of the Canons Regular of St. Augustine. The present Church is approximately 300 years old, with the southern wing added in the 1880's. However, some early stonework remains and this is thought to be part of the Augustinian Abbey.

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