Portsmouth Naval Base Scores With F. Ball

F. Ball and Co. Ltd.’s high performance subfloor preparation products have been used to prepare the floor area of a 1000m2 five-a-side, indoor football pitch at a Naval Base in Portsmouth, creating a smooth, level and hard-wearing surface onto which the playing surface could be laid.

A combination of Stopgap 900 dpm-prep floor smoothing compound, Stopgap F75 high performance waterproof surface membrane and Stopgap 600 deep section base compound were used to build up the subfloor to the required thickness and create a smooth, durable surface which optimised the appearance, consistency and longevity of the five-a-side pitch.

Stopgap 900 dpm-prep, which is designed to level absorbent surfaces prior to the application of Stopgap Waterproof Surface Membranes, was applied directly to the subfloor. With its fast setting, self-smoothing and protein free properties, Stopgap 900 created a smooth, even surface and prepared the subfloor for the application of Stopgap F75, a two coat, solvent-free epoxy waterproof surface membrane. Recommended where relative humidity levels are over 92%, Stopgap F75 isolates residual construction moisture or rising damp. This prevents any moisture damage and protects the integrity of the final floorcovering. At the Naval Base this was Gerflor Actionsport 50, a PVC foam backed sports flooring.

Stopgap P131, a general purpose neoprene primer, was then applied over the waterproof surface membrane to promote adhesion of the smoothing underlayment to the subfloor.

Under strict time constraints to complete the ground floor football pitch due to the imminent work being carried out on the first floor of the naval building, Senior Contracts Manager of Smith Brothers Marine Ltd, Pete McIntyre, built up the subfloor with Stopgap 600 deep base compound. Its quick setting, low odour and heavy duty properties make it ideal for highly trafficked areas such as the indoor football pitch. The deep base compound was pump-applied over the large surface area to achieve the required thickness, allowing for the construction of a smooth and hard-wearing surface which is able to withstand high levels of foot traffic.

Pete comments: “We had to take a very careful approach with the subfloor preparation due to the age of the building and the strict timing of the project. I have worked with F. Ball in the past and regularly contact them for advice, as I did with this job. F. Ball recommended the best products to use and I know that by consulting with them I can be sure that I have left a safe, resilient and hard wearing surface for the Royal Navy to train on.”

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