Popularity of glass reflected in GEZE UK CPD

A RIBA approved CPD training seminar from GEZE UK, the UK’s leading manufacturer of door and window control systems, is proving a particular hit with today’s chartered architects. The ‘Glass Door Assemblies – Selection and Specification’ seminar, launched in March 2009, now accounts for nearly 50% of GEZE UK’s CPD presentations.

“The level of interest attracted by this CPD seminar reflects just how popular glass is becoming in building design and as a building material,” says Andy Howland, GEZE UK’s sales director. “Architects are relishing the opportunity to keep up to date with the benefits of using glass and are learning from a presentation that is clear, interesting and relevant.”

The course forms part of RIBA’s CPD core curriculum. Its content not only provides an overview of the properties of glass, its manufacture, and the different types available, but also covers the standards that need to be followed, and how glass can be used in manual and automatic door systems throughout a building environment.

Other popular RIBA approved CPD seminars offered by GEZE UK include Safety at Powered Doors

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