Pop Up Power Supplies® retractable service units specified at Gallions Reach Shopping Centre

Developers at Gallions Reach Shopping Centre in Beckton, East London, required an outdoor power supply in an open area of the commercial development, which was to be used for smaller market stalls and entertainment events on an occasional basis.

The PUPS3030 Floorbox was the power unit of choice and eight units were installed in the open area outside the main shopping building.  The power floorbox from Pop Up Power Supplies® was ideal for the Developers’ requirements as it has a small visible profile due to their covers being filled with the same paving material as the surrounding area.

Not only do the PUPS3030 Floorboxes provide a safe and secure power source, but the models fitted next to a vertical garden wall also provided a water connection so that maintenance staff were able to connect hoses for the watering system.

The PUPS Floorbox is ideal for areas where space is a premium.  It operates with the lid locked down and closed, and can be left unattended when in use so there is no danger of any interference or vandalism.

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