Pool cover finance package allows big energy savings

Aquamat, the UK’s leading supplier of swimming pool covers, has just launched a finance package to allow those with commercial pools to replace a pool cover and make immediate energy and cost savings.

Aquamat covers are some of the best in the industry and in particular its 6mm foam covers made from heavy-duty closed cell polyethylene foam, retains pool heat highly efficiently.  Heat loss from an uncovered indoor pool has been calculated at costing 2.5p of energy per square metre, per hour.

Payback or return on investment by installing an efficient pool heat retention cover can be as little as 12 months.  For example, Aquamat can provide a fully installed 25m by 7.6m wide x 6mm thick high-density foam cover with an electric roller for about £8,500.  Under Aquamat’s leasing package, the leasing costs would be £196 per month with an energy saving per month of £924 producing net savings of £728 per month equating to a net annual saving of £8,736.

For some companies and organisations, it will be possible to set the costs against profits as a capital allowance.

Whilst the huge energy savings allow for a fast return on investment in financial terms (less than 12 months), there is also the consequential saving to the environment through the big reduction in carbon so helping organisations to meet their carbon targets for the years ahead.

Aquamat covers also save on reduced evaporation and humidification.  All products are designed and manufactured in-house to individual requirements and a full on-site survey service is available to advise on the best solution. Reel systems are included, either fully electric, gearbox assisted, or even a manual process for efficient pool covering and uncovering on a daily basis and to reduce the risk of damage to covers. 

Further information on Aquamat covers and rollers and the new finance package is available from Aquamat on 01453 884411, email sales@aquamatcovers.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.aquamat4seasons.co.uk

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