Polypipe Terrain keeps the noise down on major soil stack replacement scheme

A major project to replace soil stacks on a number of Birmingham City high-rise tower blocks has highlighted the unique combination of products, prefabrication services, technical support and training services available from Polypipe Terrain.

The high-rise tower blocks date from the 1960s. Many of the soil stacks were suffering badly from  poor performance, with the bore of the 100mm pipes having been reduced to just 25 - 30mm due to corrosion and internal build up.  When it was decided that original cast iron and carbon steel stacks could not be replaced with traditional alternatives, Polypipe Terrain suggested its plastic Terrain Acoustic dB12 drainage system as a suitable replacement. The team then worked closely with Birmingham City Council and its framework contractors to develop a series of bespoke, prefabricated piping units that were manufactured specifically for these projects.

Terrain Acoustic dB12 was able to satisfy all the project requirements for a cost-effective, acoustically-insulated soil pipe system that would provide an extended operating life and which would be easy to install on live applications,” comments Adam Turk, Sales and Marketing Director for Polypipe Terrain. “We were also able to help reduce costs by the use of our pre-fabrication service. This allowed a number of bespoke stacks and fittings to be designed so that specific site issues could be overcome. These were then manufactured under our carefully controlled factory conditions and delivered to site preassembled and ready for installation.”

Polypipe Terrain also provided its Terrain MuPVC waste systems for the project, along with both training and installation guidance which eased the task of installing the new system whilst the tower blocks remained occupied.

Terrain Acoustic dB12 is a complete acoustic drainage system designed to reduce noise transmission within multi-occupancy buildings. It features a comprehensive selection of component parts and substantially exceeds Building Regulations sound performance requirements. It is ideal for use in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, residential and public sector buildings.

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