Polyflor wins Green Guide “A” rating

Heavy duty sheet vinyl flooring ranges from leading commercial flooring manufacturer Polyflor Ltd have achieved the highest possible “A” rating under the Building Research Establishment’s Green Guide to Specification scheme.

Both marbleised Polyflor Standard XL 2mm sheet and non-directionally patterned Polyflor Mystique PUR 2mm sheet are now certificated through BRE Certification Ltd for their environmental profiles.

And when the Ecopoints measured and reported in the certification are compared to BRE’s Green Guide to Specification both products achieve the highest possible rating “A” over a 60-year service life.

“This is further independent and irrefutable evidence of our continuing awareness of how our operations and products affect the environment,” says Polyflor marketing manager Simon James. “Our vision of Polyflor is as an environmentally and economically sustainable business and - as our recently published Environmentally Sustainable Development Report 2 illustrates - we continue to work towards the achievement of key environmental goals.” The company sees Polyflor Mystique PUR as a particularly significant example of environmental awareness. The product’s PUR polyurethane reinforcement permits a polish-free maintenance regime for the flooring, greatly reducing water and chemical usage and producing considerable maintenance cost savings.

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