Plymouth Pavilions get the Green Light

In a bid to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs, the South West’s leading entertainment, leisure and conference venue - Plymouth Pavilions - has turned to the Scolmore Group to supply the very latest in energy saving lighting products.

The company’s Fumagalli LED Bulkheads have been installed to provide eco-friendly lighting solutions around the entire perimeter of the building complex, along all the pathways and at every doorway entrance. 

The ‘Lucia’ Backlit LED Bulkhead Lamp chosen is a modern bulkhead that consumes just 11 watts of low energy power and offers a lifetime guarantee against corrosion and 50,000 hours lamp life.

Comments Darrell Lunt, deputy General Manager (Facilities) at Plymouth Pavilions:  “As part of our energy efficiency drive we are on course to replace all existing lighting and we believe that through Scolmore we have been able to source the most energy efficient lamp replacements possible.    The Lucia Backlit LED Bulkhead is a low energy, robust lamp that offers a guarantee against rust and corrosion.  So as well as providing a low energy lighting solution which enables the Pavilions to achieve significant cost savings, we do not have to worry about resources to upkeep the lighting once fitted, as they require very little, if any, maintenance.” 


Click Scolmore’s Fumagalli range consists of high quality lighting products that provide the ultimate ‘fix and forget’ solution to a host of outdoor lighting installations, from leisure complexes and shopping arcades to public parks and seaside promenades.  A unique resin formulation used in all Fumagalli products means they are virtually maintenance free.

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