Plug the gap with new acoustic barriers from ROCKFON

Rockfon Acoustimass™ and Soundstop 30 dB are two useful new acoustic barriers developed to reduce noise transfer in ceiling and floor plenums.


Sound transference from one room to another is a common cause of complaint: it can make it difficult for staff to concentrate on their work, disturb patients in hospitals and reduce speech intelligibility in school classrooms. Installing ceilings with superior sound insulation properties can help limit sound transmission. But often, in commercial buildings where modular partition walls are used to create confidential areas, a ceiling alone is not sufficient to control and insulate from unwanted noise. Modular partition walls generally do not extend to the full height of the structural soffit allowing sound to travel.


Both acoustic barriers from Rockfon, Acoustimass  and Soundstop 30 dB plug the gap, limiting the transmission of sound to adjoining areas. Both barriers can be quickly and simply installed above and below modular partitions; resulting in a good acoustic environment enabling speech privacy and comfort in which everyone can concentrate.


The acoustic barriers offer superb sound insulation which has been measured in accordance with ISO 108482. When installed with acoustic ceiling tiles from Rockfon, the acoustic barriers can considerably improve sound insulation performance between two spaces.
The sound reduction index for both barriers has been tested in a certified laboratory and complies with ISO 140-3. Acoustimass  has a sound reduction index of 19 dB and Soundstop 30 dB offers 30 dB.


Rockfon Acoustimass is an 80mm thick stone wool panel, bonded on both sides with an aluminium foil membrane. Available in two sizes: 1200 x 600 x 80mm and 1200 x 1000 x 80mm, which are installed as a single 80mm thick layer. Soundstop 30 dB is a 30mm thick stone wool panel, bonded with an aluminium foil membrane to one side. Measuring 1200 x 600 x 30mm, it is installed in two 30mm thick layers. Once installed the acoustic barriers fit in with any interior design as they are hidden from view.


The versatility of the products makes them an ideal solution for hospital, education, retail, office and leisure facilities – where a comfortable and healthy environment free from unwanted noise is essential.


Acoustimass and Soundstop 30 dB have a core of stone wool which is non-combustible and provides the highest safety rating of Class A1 for fire protection. Like all Rockfon products, the acoustic barriers are dimensionally stable even at humidity levels of up to 100% RH and can be fitted without the need for acclimatisation. Acoustimas and Soundstop 30 dB are recyclable.

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