Playrite’s CPD Presentation Receives RIBA Accreditation

Playrite have always been regarded as experts, and now they feel it is important to pass their know-how on to architects so they have the knowledge to become experts themselves. Specifying synthetic grass for sport and play can be complex, especially if an architect has never had to work with products like this before. There are many issues to consider such as the type of surface (woven, needlepunch or tufted), the various sports governing body standards and how to know which surface is best for which sport or sports.

Now Playrite can answer all these questions, and any other that an architect or specifier may have about artificial surfaces for sport, play and leisure in our CPD presentation. Specifying Synthetic Grass for Sport and Play has been assessed by RIBA for quality of content and relevance, so everyone can be confident that they’ll be learning something both useful and informative. And because it is RIBA approved, it’s worth double points towards the 35 hours an architect needs to accrue throughout the year. The presentation lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes information on:


  • Different manufacturing processes
  • Understanding industry standards
  • Specific surfaces for sport
  • Playrite’s impact on the environment
  • Maintenance regimes
  • Life cycle costs
  • Key elements to consider when specifying


What’s more, the presentation is now available to architects without having to leaving the office. Playrite’s RIBA accredited CPD is the only presentation on synthetic surfaces and artificial turf available online, click here to see for yourself. Playrite are also members of NBS Plus, so if you subscribe to the NBS software, you’ll be able to see their product specifications under clauses Q Paving/Planting/Fencing/Site furniture - Q26 Special surfacings/ pavings for sport/ general amenity: 210, 350.  


This is just the start, as Marketing Manager Lorna Duncanson explains: “After speaking with many individuals both online and in person, it is clear that customers are expecting more these days. Playrite are able to provide a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as high quality products alongside excellent customer service. We are more than happy to go that extra mile when it comes to our customers.”


So that was the main reason for creating Playrite’s free guide on Artificial Turf:  Information for Architects and Specifiers which can be downloaded from this page.


If you would like any more information on specifying synthetic surfaces for sport, play and leisure please email or call 01924 412488.

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