Plasson launches manifold kit for internal water meters

In response to the trend by utility companies to install water meters within the house for automatic meter reading, specialist pipe fitting manufacturer Plasson has just introduced a new Internal Meter Mounting Kit.

This meter manifold is designed to accommodate the water industry standard Concentric Water Meter and incorporates all that is needed in an easy to use single unit for internal meter connections

The Internal Meter Mounting Kit has been developed from Plasson’s successful and proven 3511 manifold assembly used in under-pavement locations.  The new product, the Plasson 3517 manifold assembly, is designed for an incoming PE pipe and with a PlassOne push-to-fit outlet end for all standard domestic plumbing pipes such as copper, PEX and polybutylene pipe.  This manifold assembly also incorporates a stop valve, check valve and drain-off valve and there is a blanking plug and seal in the meter seat for system testing.  Fixing feet are designed in for wall mounting.  An optional adaptor is available to convert the inlet to 25mm or 27.4mm Barrier Pipe where required.

Plasson see this new internal meter mounting kit as an ideal solution for utility companies, housebuilders and contractors to use in new housing projects.  The product is distributed through Plasson’s established network of national merchants.

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