Plasson electrofusion pipe fittings specified at steelworks

Plasson ElectroFusion fittings have recently been specified for a replacement water line at a major steelworks in South Wales.

A mechanical engineering firm chose the Plasson EF fittings during the project where some 500 metres of pipeline needed replacement between the north end of the water treatment plant and the boiler plant.  The 225mm pipeline is for general service use and also feeds the water cooling of the re-heat furnaces at the end of the hot mill process prior to rolling steel slabs.

Over 150, 225mm Plasson EF couplers and elbows were used in the pipeline project to provide the high performance pipe jointing and long system life that Plasson ElectroFusion fittings have become known for.  Polyethylene pipe and fittings were chosen over their steel counterparts as they are longer lasting and lower maintenance and are lighter than steel, so easier to install. The project has gone extremely well and the client is very satisfied with the results.

Plasson’s ElectroFusion’s fittings have been developed for highly reliable and long lasting pipe jointing.  The fittings are designed to work with the Plasson Smart-System Controller to provide a simple and reliable automated welding cycle. They have long penetration depths and fusion zones which ensure high quality joints.

The combination of Plasson controller and Plasson fittings form a state-of-the-art performance pipe jointing system.  Full automatic weld monitoring and control is provided along with the ability to record welding parameters through the computer managed welding controller.  Plasson fittings use advanced red pin technology which is compatible with the Fusamatic controller and can be used with manual controllers or the standard bar code reading controllers.  Plasson also offers a comprehensive range of high quality tools and controllers to make the task of installation quicker, easier and more reliable.  An extensive range of Plasson EF fittings is available to provide proven high performance in gas and water distribution and industrial applications.

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