Pioneering green gas now flowing onto the network

Thanks to legislation put in place following the Renewable Energy Association’s campaign, the gas network is now beginning to de-carbonise.  Just as electricity from renewable power projects goes onto the national grid, green gas from biogas plants can be cleaned up and injected into the gas grid.

Thames Water’s official launch of the UK’s first biomethane-to-grid project takes place today at its sewage works in Didcot.  The project developers will be holding a celebratory barbeque using the gas produced onsite.

Gaynor Hartnell said:

"The Didcot project will prove the technology works, but it is essential that the anticipated financial support follows.  It was developed in expectation that the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will be introduced next year, and we’re waiting for confirmation of this following the Comprehensive Spending Review on 20th October.  We were delighted to hear Oliver Letwin say at the Conservative Party conference yesterday that the RHI is a 'crucial part' of government's green energy plans."

David Collins, the REA’s Biogas Adviser at REA said:

"Congratulations to Thames Water, Scotia Gas Networks and Centrica for putting together this milestone project.  Now it’s up to Government to make sure this technology can be rolled out nationally."

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