Photon Pod to be launched at London Design Festival

The Photon Project is being launched at the 2013 London Design Festival with a week-long installation on Store Street South Crescent, WC1. The project, a collaboration between Cantifix UK and the University of Oxford, will explore the effect natural daylight has on our health and wellbeing.

The research team is led by Professor Russell Foster, Professor of Circadian Neuroscience at Oxford University. He and his team are credited with the discovery of non-rod, noncone, photosensitive ganglion cells in the mammalian retina - which provide input to the circadian rhythm system. A lack of natural daylight disturbs these circadian rhythms, which is thought to cause a detrimental effect on health and wellbeing.

The Photon Project is planned to last four years, and involve 300 participants spending time in Photon Pods – 30m2 all-glass living enclosures in a controlled environment. These participants will be scientifically tested in order to investigate the impact of natural light on their biology and wellbeing.

To launch the project, a prototype all-glass Photon Pod will be built on the Crescent outside The Building Centre for the public to explore for the first time. A free exhibition within The Building Centre will set out the wider vision and ambitions for the project and explain how the latest technologies in glass, such as intuitive colour changes and shading might effect future design choices in architecture, design and product development.

Take part in sunrise and sunset events
Each day will start with a Sunrise Experience (7am – 9am) – where visitors will be scientifically tested on their level of alertness and readiness for the day, and end with a Sunset Experience (6pm – 8pm) – where visitors will be tested on their level of relaxation and readiness for sleep. These tests have been designed specifically for the event by scientists at Harvard and Monash Universities.

Learn more in the Photon Conference
Presentation and discussion sessions, on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th September will bring together international scientists, academics, architects, designers and global corporations to debate the link between daylight and science, technology, health, wellbeing, architecture and design.

Read more and book your free place in the Photon Conference for DAY ONE and DAY TWO

Learn more about the photon project in more detail HERE

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