The new Rombilus pendant from architectural lighting company Paviom is highly visual with a strong environmental focus. A breathtaking glass object - the specular lenses of the Rombilus pendant reflect and refract light. The Rombilus is the latest piece of light art from commissioned designer Jonathan Coles that, including the lamp itself, is 95% recyclable.

The striking Rombilus glass pendant takes its inspiration from French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel who invented a technique in 1823 to reduce the thickness of a large lens by splitting it into an array of smaller lenses for use in lighthouses.

Fascinated by this idea, Jonathan Coles employed the same principle when he designed the Rombilus for Paviom, which comprises a series of glass lenses that project both upwards and downwards while at the same time minimising glare.

Manufactured from pressed and hand polished glass, the specular glass layers that create the Rombilus pendant are mounted on a steel frame. Rombilus has been designed with a high efficiency light source and is 95% recyclable to meet the environmental ethos of Paviom for ethical and efficient design.

"The Rombilus pendant demonstrates what can be achieved through a holistic approach to design," explained Mervyn Carter, UK Sales & Marketing Manager at Paviom. "Jonathan Coles has created a beautiful architectural lighting pendant that uses the relationship between glass and light for both an aesthetic and performance advantage."

Measuring 350mm in height and 240mm in width, the Rombilus is available with a universal ceiling mounting box and is supplied with a polished steel downrod with two standard drop lengths.

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