A new system to achieve effective domestic ventilation, particularly in properties being refurbished and/or rented, is being launched by Passivent Ltd.

The company, established as the UK’s leading supplier of all types of domestic ventilation, maintains its new Fresh Intellivent gives an optimum solution to regulatory compliance, and benefits for the property owner.

Applying a decentralized strategy to continuous ‘whole house’ mechanical ventilation, Passivent Fresh Intellivent comprises a continuously running low wattage extract fan in each of the ‘wet’ rooms; an automatic moisture detection function within the fan continually senses humidity in the air, and adjusts the flow rate accordingly up to a high level as and when required, or down to the level set by the occupant, combating high levels of moisture and humidity, and thus preventing risk of damp/ condensation.

As each fan operates independently, rather than connected to a centralized system, installation is simplified and more cost- effective, especially in existing buildings.

Passivent Fresh Intellivent has been purpose designed to operate as quietly and cost-effectively as possible; compared to a conventional AC extract fan, it is as quiet as a whisper, running at just 22dB(A) at boost level, and uses some 60% less electricity.

To accommodate as many needs as possible, the system also has the flexibility to operate intermittently, by humidity, light switch or time. Further, ahead of new ventilation regulations with stricter criteria on maintenance etc, Intellivent is supplied with both a 100mm and 125mm duct adaptor, incorporates an integrated isolator switch instead of a separate fused spur, and can be easily cleaned, simply by opening the centre of the fan. With a contemporary design, the system is available in a choice of black or white, with a range of modern colours to order.

Passivent Fresh Intellivent complements the company’s extensive range of mechanical, assisted, background and natural ventilation solutions, and its innovative, unique iHybrid combined natural ventilation with heat recovery system. Passivent has a heritage spanning over 30 years in developing innovative yet practical solutions to meet the evolving needs of the building and construction industries.

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