Passivent helps Tesco achieve zero carbon

A natural ventilation strategy designed, developed and supplied by Passivent Ltd, is continuing to help Tesco achieve a zero carbon footprint and BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating in its new eco stores.

The latest ‘green’ superstore to open its doors and be aired by Passivent is at Berwick on Tweed- Tesco Tweedmouth- where just six Passivent Airscoop ventilation stacks, controlled by the company’s innovative iC7000 controller, ensure the general shopping areas maintain a fresh ambience with minimal heat loss.

The controller monitors internal and external air temperature and humidity, adjusting ventilation rates through the Airscoops as required, switching only to mechanical air handling when variance is significant, to keep the internal atmosphere in the store within ideal presets for the retail grocery environment, and with minimum energy consumption. Each Airscoop acts as a ‘chimney’, harnessing natural air movement principles of convection and the venturi effect to both draw fresh air into the building without draughts and exhaust the ‘used’ internal air. The only energy the Airscoops use is to attenuate the ventilation louvres to regulate air flow.

To further reduce the store’s carbon footprint, two 350mm diameter Passivent Sunscoop tubular rooflights have been fitted to optimize natural daylight into staff training rooms that have no external windows, thus minimizing use of electric light therein. The combination of Passivent ventilation and natural daylighting are helping the store achieve a BREEAM rating of ‘excellent’.

Passivent’s Huw Poppy, who worked with Tesco and architects Smith Smalley to develop the ventilation for the store, explained, “The nature of a supermarket’s internal air is complex, balancing the cold air and humidity levels of fridges and freezers whilst maintaining a pleasant temperature for shoppers. Tesco has used natural ventilation for a while, but we are able to bring added value, with our ability to deliver what we promised, and provide the means of not only controlling the ventilation and internal atmosphere but to monitor and analyze its performance. We also have the capability to alter the core product design to suit the individual store : Tweedmouth, for example, uses one of several different lids to ensure to the Airscoops blend in with the store’s overall design aesthetics. ”

Airscoops and Sunscoops are just part of Passivent’s comprehensive range of sustainable building solutions, which encompasses natural ventilation, daylighting and solar control. The company, part of the Building Product Design Group, is a founder member of the NatVent EC/EU-funded project co-ordinated by the Building Research Establishment to develop practical natural ventilation solutions for the commercial sector, and has contributed to the BSRIA guide BG2/2005 Wind Driven Natural Ventilation Systems, as well as being members of the DCSF steering committee on ventilation guidance for schools, Building Bulletin 101.

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