With the UK currently building more hotel bedrooms than any other country in Europe, Passivent is coming to specifiers’ aid to create the freshest, quietest internal environment with optimum cost-effectiveness.

Latest statistics reveal the UK currently has over 25,000 bedrooms in the active pipeline- all of which need to be efficiently ventilated, without letting external noise disturb guests.

Passivent’s latest addition to its background ventilation range, the Acoustic Overglass Vent Bar, which reduces road noise penetration to an indoor ambient noise level of just 35dB whilst still providing a high level of ventilation and minimizing ingress of airborne pollutants, is one of a collection of window and through-wall ventilators that achieve the specific demands of hotel construction and refurbishment.

Passivent is the UK’s leading supplier of natural ventilation solutions for both the domestic and commercial sector. Its tricklevents and Fresh through-wall ventilators help hotel developers in ensuring compliance with relevant Building Regulations such as PPG24 Planning & Noise: 1994, BS8233: sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings: 1999, and CIBSE B2, allowing 10-15 ACH. The systems are already proven, being used by, among others, Accor in its IBIS brand, Travelodge and Village Hotels, at locations as noisy as adjacent to a motorway and opposite Heathrow Airport.

Steve Smith, project manager for Accor, IBIS’ parent company, explained, “We have used natural ventilation and Passivent Fresh through-wall ventilators for almost a decade in our IBIS hotels. They eliminate the cost and maintenance issues associated with mechanical ventilation, and help improve the design and planning of the building as there is no associated plant to accommodate on the roof.”      

Added Project Manager at Heathrow Travelodge Andy Trim, “The acoustic tests concluded that the Passivent trickle ventilators above the windows have achieved the sound reduction required to comply with the Travelodge specification while maintaining ventilation to the bedrooms.”

Passivent also provides a range of ventilation solutions appropriate for en-suite bathrooms, including the new Intellivent decentralised mechanical extraction, which runs extremely quietly but continuously to ensure ventilation is always provided, boosting extraction automatically when required eg after guests showering or bathing. Intellivent is complemented by Passivent’s iMEV intelligent mechanical extract ventilation system, in which humidity sensitive extracts open and close to adjust ventilation according to demand, powered by a remotely located, quiet, low energy fan.

Passivent has produced a background ventilation brochure for specifiers, including all window and through-wall ventilators, both with and without acoustic options, all with easy reference equivalent ventilation area statistics and ‘cut and paste’ specification clauses, which can be downloaded at the company’s website The site also includes details of the company’s range of natural and ‘mixed mode’ ventilation solutions for commercial building. The company has a heritage spanning over 30 years in developing innovative yet practical solutions to meet the evolving needs of the building and construction industries.

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