Passively solving ventilation compliance

The problem of effectively and easily complying with ventilation regulatory requirements is solved by Passivent’s intelligent Passive Stack Ventilation (iPSV) system.

BBA certified, Passivent iPSV is proven to meet the moisture and air quality criteria to ensure compliance with Approved Document F1, and gives the builder/installer additional benefits in being simpler and cheaper to install than alternative ventilation strategies. Once installed, it delivers further benefits in needing no electricity, occupier input nor maintenance to function effectively.

Passivent iPSV harnesses natural air principles of convection and the venturi effect to function. Internal moisture-laden air rises, and air pressure increases with height creating suction. Thus the internal air is drawn out through roof terminals, and fresh air drawn in through tricklevents to replace it. Humidity sensitive ceiling mounted extracts control the flow of air to the outside according to moisture content, allowing the stale air to ventilate through roof-mounted terminals while minimising the amount of heat loss through over-ventilation.

As it responds to relative humidity levels within the room, Passivent iPSV ventilates only as, where and when required, optimising heat retention and cutting CO2 emissions whilst eliminating the need for electrical wiring, fans, heat recovery units and switches. This not only reduces installation costs, but cuts lifetime maintenance expenses for both the system and the building.

Updated Approved Document F1 recognises the performance of PSV even in airtight (0m3/hr/m2) buildings. Further, studies by the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development demonstrate that Passivent’s system provides sufficient ventilation under challenging or non-optimum conditions. Even in warmer summer months, when external temperatures are higher and thus the stack effect reduced, Passivent showed the lowest average levels of relative humidity against other ventilation strategies; in ‘wet’ rooms with no external wall or window, Passivent iPSV achieved the required airflow rates, even with an airtightness of 3m3/hr/m2.

Passivent iPSV is just part of Passivent’s comprehensive range of natural and mechanical ventilation solutions for domestic environments for single person to multi-occupancy properties, plus a range of background window and through-wall ventilation solutions.

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