Passive Solution To Balancing “Green’ Technologies And Brownfield Development

The problem of balancing construction on brownfield sites yet still creating a pleasant, peaceful internal environment in which to live and work, and reduce energy consumption, is overcome with developments at Passivent Ltd.

A leading supplier of natural and mechanical ventilation strategies for domestic and commercial environments, Passivent has responded to the continuing growth of brownfield redevelopment with additions to its range of natural ventilation acoustic solutions which ensure a properly ventilated and quiet interior, and a strategy of working with clients to develop solutions to specific issues.

“Our latest development, SoundScoop, is the result of a specific issue encountered by one of our customers, where they often needed a means of naturally ventilating a large building but needed to prevent noise transfer from one area to another- such as schools, or hotel conference rooms,” says Dennis Bates, Passivent Product Manager. “Similarly, one of our new tricklevent systems was initially developed for a specific project- a hotel adjacent to Heathrow Airport, where we devised a solution that delivered adequate airflow without under- or over-ventilation and sound attenuation of up to 37dB.

“Our standard product range of through-wall and window domestic and commercial vents will provide appropriate volume attenuation, and have been used in locations as noisy as adjacent to the main Waterloo train line, and the A38 trunk road- one of the busiest highways in the country!

Passivent’s natural ventilation is already recognized under BREEAM for both energy and health & wellbeing; it further yields significant cost savings in construction and operation over mechanical ventilation, and reduces- or even eliminates- electrical consumption for ventilation, helping achieve  low and zero carbon buildings.

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