Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Devices presented to MPs

Greg Barker, Minister of State for Climate change, has addressed a gathering of MPs, specifiers, Government departments and heating industry organisations at a presentation at Portcullis House, Westminster, about Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Devices (PFGHRDs).

Talking at the event organised by Zenex Technologies and supported by the All Party Energy Group, the Sustainable Energy Partnership and BDR Thermea, Mr Barker said that the Government was committed to funding its green agenda.  He confirmed that £860m is available for the Renewable Heat Incentive and that the Feed-in Tariff would help hundreds of thousands of people over the coming years.

“We need to continue to back the drive for innovative new technologies for heating our homes, while addressing the challenge of reducing carbon,” he said.  “Government is battling to remove the barriers and products like PFGHRDs can help us find cost effective ways towards a new scale of energy efficiency.”

Chris Farrell of Zenex, who invented the GasSaver, explained why the PFGHRD is so simple yet effective and affordable.  “The GasSaver is fitted above the high efficiency combination boiler and recovers any waste heat before it goes through the flue and is lost. 

“It is a sealed-for-life unit that has no moving parts, no controls or settings and does not require any maintenance.  The recovered heat is recycled back through the boiler, giving it a head start in heating up the water.

“The device provides annual savings of around 37 per cent of the energy required to deliver hot water.  These considerable fuel savings can help to address the issue of fuel poverty.”

Independent tests have shown that if 500,000 GasSaver devices were installed in homes, 56,209,150 cubic metres of gas would be saved and 114,734,118 kg of carbon dioxide emissions saved.

“A GasSaver installed with an A-rated boiler saves the equivalent of one Megawatt hour every year.  That’s equivalent to 1000 single bar electric fires running for an hour! 

“These are pretty impressive figures,” said Farrell.  “But in order to generate maximum fuel and carbon dioxide savings, PFGHRDs need Government support.  We would like a full assessment by the Climate Change Committee and the Fuel Poverty Advisory Group to show the extent to which they can assist with climate change and fuel poverty. 

“And we would like to see a VAT reduction to 5 per cent in line with other microgeneration technologies and promoted by the Energy Saving Trust as best practice.”

Lorraine Riley, a customer of Zenex, also spoke at the event.  When her old G-rated boiler became obsolete and she needed a replacement, she decided to take the opportunity to investigate the different low carbon technologies available in order to make an informed choice.

“I took into consideration all our family’s needs as well as thinking about the future generations and our energy use.  I chose the GasSaver and a high efficiency boiler as the most appropriate solution for us, and have been delighted with its performance.

“I have saved at least 31 per cent in energy use and have more comfort and hot water.  In addition, in the first year I built up £500 credit on my energy bills – more than enough to pay our bills for last winter, even though it was so cold.”

The Multifit GasSaver is produced by BDR Thermea at its UK manufacturing site in Preston.  It is recognised in various industry regulations including SAP for newbuild properties, approved under the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and is an Energy Saving Trust Recommended product.

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