Passion for innovative finishes

We love making the most bespoke, painted wood cladding you will ever see, nobody would believe you if you said it was harvested engineered oak, which is the starting point for this fine example of our passion for innovative finishes.

98 Different Colour Options from our specialist blend of organic, metallic based paints. 

These are the most durable floors paints known to man and will not wear.We are looking for clients with an edge, who are in search of something different in the commercial market. Allow us to impress you.


  • 100% Bespoke: 98 colour combinations, control the surface texture with any Chipped Or Distressed variation
  • Engineered Oak Platform: Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Wide Planks: 185-280mm Wide
  • Hard-Wearing: Metallic based Paints

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