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Discover the Hinged Parking Post from AUTOPA

AUTOPA patented the first Hinged Parking Post in 1959. Since its humble beginnings, the parking post has become the UK’s preferred choice for protecting individual car parking spaces. Manufactured in the UK from galvanised steel, the AUTOPA Hinged Parking Post has a tried and tested design, making it a common feature in car parks around the country.


Key Features

  • Lockable in the up and down positions
  • High Reflective band added as standard to ensure visibility
  • Available in a range of locking options
  • Can be coated in any standard BS or RAL colour
  • Supplied with two keys
  • Internally spring assisted
  • Weatherproof polypropylene cap


Where can I use a Hinged Parking Post?

Parking posts are suitable for residential and commercial sites of any size.


What locking options are available?

All of our Hinged Parking Posts are available randomly keyed, identically keyed or master-suited.

  • Randomly Keyed Hinged Parking Post: If you order a randomly keyed parking post then each post you order will have a different lock and a different key. This type of post is ideal for areas where parking spaces are reserved for specific people. For example, communal flat car parks where spaces are allocated to individual flats.
  • Identically Keyed Hinged Parking Post: The second option is the identically keyed parking post. With an identically keyed parking post, the same lock will be installed on each post ordered and can be opened with the same key. Already have a parking post in situ? You can order some more based on the lock number, just give our sales office a call and our experienced and friendly team can help out. Identically keyed parking posts are ideal for reserving banks of parking posts that are allocated to a group of people rather than individuals. For example in a communal office car park to allocate spaces for a particular company.
  • Master Suited Hinged Parking Post: The final option is a master-suited lock. With a master-suited post, each lock is different, but all the posts can be raised and lowered as required through the use of a master key. Master-suited posts are ideal for commercial car parks; parking spaces can be allocated to individual people but a central team can gain access to it if required through the use of the master key.

How do I buy a Hinged Parking Post?

You can buy a Hinged Parking Post direct from AUTOPA; either visit the product page on autopadirect or call our sales office on +44 (0)1788 550556 for a quote.

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