Parapan® takes pride of place in re-designed London showroom of Mowlem and Co.

Leading kitchen designers love Parapan® and no-one more so than award-winning kitchen company Mowlem and Co. who recently used Parapan® in their re-designed London showroom.

Mowlem and Co’s high gloss look offers contemporary chic and is great for either a clean and bright or bold and glamorous look. “We use the material Parapan®, which is a great solution as it’s a solid acrylic with colour going all the way through, so it is repairable and UV stable,” says Jane Stewart, Mowlem’s design director. High gloss also offers a very durable ultra glossy finish and is easy to clean. Being light reflective, it works wonderfully in very modern, sleek design schemes. Says Stewart, “ We are finding that the high gloss look remains extremely popular, especially as we tend to combine the very natural beauty of timbers with the sleek, modern contrast of Parapan®.”

Parapan® is available in 21 colours form sophisticated neutrals to eye-catching brights.

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