Par-ky Domotex 2012

 Corporate Identity

Par-ky is proud to launch its new corporate identity during the Domotex 2012 exhibition. The new logo with baseline, ’friendly floors’, is in line with the corporate values of Decospan, the group behind Par-ky. We explain in short why we claim to be a friendly floor.

1. Environmentally Friendly

– Maximum wood yield by using a 0.6 mm top layer
– FSC certified wood or certified by our own ‘Pure Wood’ charter – 30% of the energy required for the production of our floors is generated in-house by solar panels and for the remaining 70% Par-ky purchases green energy.
– The group aims to have a CO2 neutral production in 2015.

2. Health Friendly

Par-ky doesn’t add urea formaldehyde during its production process. Only the natural content is present. As such, our floors improve the indoor air quality.

3. User Friendly

– As Par-ky uses the uniclic jointing system, our floors are extremely easy to install and repair. Our floors are also extremely easy to maintain thanks to the high quality lacquer we use.

4. Employee friendly

Par-ky floors are made in Belgium and our working conditions are the best in the sector.

5. Design Friendly

– Next to the standard collection, Par-ky can offer around 160 wood species in its different collections. The company can make custom made colors as from 500m².

 New collection

Par-ky introduces its new ‘trendy oak’ collection at Domotex. Next to some new colors, Par-ky made 2 special designs out of heat treated oak. Heat treating gives the oak a brown warm tone similar to the smoking technique but based on heat instead of ammoniac. Par-ky chooses for the heat treating technique as this has no negative impact on the environment and our employees. We also avoid the increased VOC’s in the finished product by avoiding the usage of ammoniac.

Par-ky increased the amount of SKU’s in its oak collection to 30. Every color will be available in our 4 collections: PRO, LOUNGE, SOUND and DELUXE.


In our concept room we show some new concept veneer floors.

We will expose a veneer floor in dyed oaks. By using this technique our oaks are stained through the thickness which assures consistency of color and a higher scratch resistance. The floors will be shown in a high gloss finish, a heavily brushed finish and a scratched finish. The scratched finish is a rough cut technique on veneers. The result is stunning.

In this room, we will also show a fine line birch floor in different colors and gloss levels. Also these floors are stained through the thickness.

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