Kuniko Maeda's sculptures crafted from recycled paper

An ancient material, paper has been crafted into books, scrolls and limitless works of art that stretch and inspire the imagination. Influenced by nature, London-based Japanese designer, Kuniko Maeda, uses paper as her primary material, crafting earth-coloured sculptures which resemble delicate natural forms.

Each of Maeda's handcrafted creations appears otherworldly as they do organic, and challenges the perception of what paper can be used to create. In some of her pieces, the paper appears fungus-like, whilst others resemble curled up snakes. Maeda's practice combines her knowledge of traditional Japanese wood carving with her interest in sustainable textile design. Each of her pieces are initially digitally designed, then handcrafted with recycled paper.

Maeda’s work gives paper a new material meaning by illustrating its adaptability and unique material properties. Her work encourages us to review our environment surrounding us and be mindful of the use of recyclable materials which often can be overlooked in our hectic, urban environments.

Maeda's work appeared at Collect 2019 this year. To view more of Maeda's work, visit her website and her Instagram page. 
By Anna Marks.

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