Palatial Picador

Jaymart has been helping out at Buckingham Palace yet again.

Hundreds of Jaymart’s Picador Indoor/Outdoor extra heavy traffic rubber ring link mats were supplied to Buckingham Palace in time for the expected rush of summer visitors.

Picador is not only ideal for matwell areas but also for wet areas where a drainage facility is vital eg ships, oil rigs, breweries, factories etc.  Spillages of dirt, mud, sand, grit, water and oil are kept below the main slip resistant surface of the matting.  Large floor areas can be simply covered using a series of mats joined to create a solid but safe walk surface with special connector clips. Buckingham Palace have infilled their Picador mats with gravel to create a solid but safe walk surface for Her Majesty’s garden parties.

As shown in the photo, Ad-Mat brush infills available in Blue, Black, Green, Grey, Red and Yellow enable lettering to be created.  Picador mats are available in open or closed construction.

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