Outstanding U-value results for Kloeber timber products

Recent industry testing has returned some great results for Kloeber UK Ltd, a manufacturer of market leading timber glazing products.

Kloeber were delighted to see that their range of folding sliding doors, front doors, French and single doors and windows have achieved overall U-values well below Building Regulations requirements even with their standard double glazing. With triple glazing options containing Argon and Krypton gas filled cavities the results are exceptional and has firmly established Kloeber as a supplier of top performing thermally efficient products.

UK Building Regulations state that all new-build projects should be fitted with doors and windows with overall product U-values of 2.0 or less. The whole of Kloeber’s timber range has surpassed this benchmark by a considerable margin with Kloeber’s Funkyfront and Klassicfront doors achieving overall products values as low as 1.2, their folding sliding doors, French and single doors returning results as low as 1.1 and their flush casement windows attaining overall U values as low as 0.9.

Kloeber’s Technical Director Lee Green said, “We’re thrilled with the results, especially as we’ve designed our products to return fantastic U-values whilst maintaining a very fair and sensible pricing structure; something that Kloeber has always considered important.”

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